Polishing of lights

Necessary and ecological solution 

When drivingclearly seeing what is in front of you is important, especially when driving in the rainsnow or driving at night. Your headlights must be in good condition and 100% effective. 


Polishing the headlights of your vehicle rather than replacing them is an economicecological and safe solution. By polishing themyour headlights will become as effective as when you buy your vehicle. This wayyou'll want to keep your vehicle longer! 


Many factors can contribute to damaging your headlights: the sunice, calcium, gravelsand, etc. In addition, the plastic film that covers the headlights is less resistant than the glass, therefore the lighthouse loses its luster, loses power and lights less well the road. 


According to CAA-Quebec, 30% of vehicles drive with damaged headlights. A motorist traveling at 50 km / h at night will have 4 more seconds to react to an emergency if he has fully effective headlights! 


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