To see better in the rain and snow 

Perfect visibility 

Aquapel glass treatment has been conceived by PPG Industries, leaders in glass technologiesApplied on the windshield of a vehiclethis innovative product enhances visibility in rainy or snowy conditions, day and night. 


Safe driving 

A Michigan University study shows that glass treatments can improve a driver's visual acuity by as much as 35%. In addition, the response time allowing a driver to identify a small target is reduced by four to three seconds. At 72km/h, it represents 19.5 meters. 


More longer  

Aquapel forms a chemical bond with glass, unlike other products that only coat the glass. As a resultAquapel lasts up to 6 times longer than other productsOnly one application can last several months! 


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The advantages of an Aquapel hydrophobic treatment for glass

  • Enhance your visibility in rain and snow
  • Prevent rain, snow and ice to penetrate
  • The droplets slide on the glass and are ejected
  • Facilitates the removal of ice, snow, insects and mud
  • Last for months, up to 6 time longer than any other glass treatment


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