Otoprotec rust proofing

The Rust proofing that makes it all different 

 Otoprotec?rust proofing is made from parrafin oil and antioxidant additives. Iis environmental-friendlyWhen vaporized, the liquid perfectly seeps without causing slide. Few hours later, the liquid turn into grease to create a waterproof film which strongly protects your car in any weather conditions. 


This rust prooving makes it all different! It completely protects the underside of your car, the wings and false wings, the sill, the wheel arches and the rear fenders. 


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Otoprotec advantages

  • Yearly exceptionnal treatment
  • Adheres to metal and does not slide
  • Fits for used or new cars
  • Waterproof film which strongly protects your car in any weather conditions
  • Safe for user
  • Stop and prevent rust to spread
  • Durability
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Tensile force and elongation
  • Superior adhesion on metal and various substrates
  • Easy to apply with a gun of a brush
  • Low toxicity and pleasant smell


our price
Compact car 94,95 $
Sedan car 99.95 $
Truck SUV 104,95 $
Mini van, little pick-up 114,95 $
Truck big Pick-up 139,95 $ 6$/pied en extra
Recreational vehicle, motorized, trailer, etc 9,50 $ du pied