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  • Sailun - Ice Blazer WST1


    Winter studdable tire for automobiles. The gum is made with green technology for intensive use and made of ecological materials Silica tread compounds reinforced with polymers maintains flexibility at low temperature to provide optimal performance in extreme winter temperatures, which increases security and manageability in addition to providing excellent traction on snowy and icy roads. directional V tread profile promotes the evacuation of snow, slush or water to a reduced risk of aquaplaning and better handling. High density multidirectional sipes with biting edges that provide better traction in snow and ice, while providing a relatively quiet and comfortable ride.

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  • Sailun - Ice Blazer WSL2


    Winter tire for cars. Very good traction in snow and slush as well as on dry pavement, wet or icy roads. The tread compound is developed with green technology for intensive use, made of ecological materials, making it an environment-friendly tire. The specially formulated compounds and advanced dispersion technology allow the maintenance of the flexibility of the rubber at low temperature for optimum performance in very cold weather, thus improving the safety and maneuverability in challenging winter driving conditions. X Tread grooves in the pavement of the outside sculpture provides self-cleaning features that ensure maximum stability and multidirectional traction in snow, slush, mud and wet or icy roads, while minimizing the noise. The main grooves shaped "L" provide more grip Multidirectional high density fins that maximize traction in snow and ice

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    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    The Sailun 4Season is an all-season tire combining the best features of an all season performance tire with traction and renowned winter tire tack. The 4Season features a specially formulated rubber compound that remains sensitive to sub-zero temperatures to provide unrelenting and predictable performance throughout the year. Asymmetric steering band designed for use in four seasons. The slots and legs maximize the edges of pits for better traction and stopping power on rain and snow. The design of the outer tread offers a stable and adapted to dry handling. Rubber compound specially formulated to meet cold weather conditions, while offering a long tread life.

    Starting at $94.23

  • Sailun - Terramax A/T

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    The Terramax A / T is designed to provide superior road and off-road traction for SUVs, pickup trucks and vans. The Terramax A / T provides exceptional maneuverability, stability on the road and off-road while offering comfortable handling. Its aggressive design at the shoulder removes water, snow, slush and mud, for optimal traction on all kinds of terrain. The rigid central rib ensures comfortable ride and superior control. The very deep slats, at different angles, improve the comfort without sacrificing the traction.

    Starting at $155.37

  • Sailun - Ice Blazer WST2


    Studdable winter tire for cars and light trucks. Designed with a green technology of intensive use of ecological materials Tread compound of silica and polymer specially formulated to maintain the flexibility and adhesion of the rubber at low temperature directional tread design with biting sipes in zigzag that are designed to provide good traction on ice and snow angled grooves that favor the evacuation of slush and water to maximize control and grip and minimize the risk of aquaplaning. Designed with a variable sequence of random blocks, which has the effect of softening the driving and reduce road noise.

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  • Sailun - ICE BLAZER WST3


    The formula of the winter tread allows the tire to maintain its elasticity to improve the grip in very cold weather. The directional tread design and slat design greatly improves the drainage of snow, slush, ice and water. The new slat pattern and the sawtooth edges provide better handling and stability on snow and ice.

    Starting at $240.73