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  • BFGoodrich - WINTER T/A KSI


    The Winter T / A KSI is a variable speed directional tire designed to handle severe winter conditions. BFGoodrich designed this tire from scratch, with a brand new compound with more silica. This improves support during cold temperatures. Features such as a toothed shoulder profile, interlaced 3D legs and maximum bite edges ensure better grip. It has wide grooves between the blocks of the tread to facilitate the evacuation of water and mud so that the tire can find an adhesion on the block. The heavy silica compound works with an interlaced lamella design to eliminate the feeling of instability that the soft rubber of a winter tire can expose in hot weather. A continuous central rib that covers the entire circumference of the tire to improve the sense of direction on the clear roads. And the entire design of the tread has been designed to help reduce road noise on dry or wet pavements.

    Starting at $99.75


    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    Four Seasons homologated winter, for all your needs. Superior grip on snow. Improved aquaplaning performance. Active self-locking slat technology, provides more mordant for significantly improved traction on water and light snow. Composed of all-season advanced gum, silica compound allows exceptional traction throughout the year. Aqua-Flume technology, network of curvilinear grooves designed to evacuate water. Computer-designed footprint: manages tread wear for longer life and quieter ride. Active self-locking slat technology, self-locking slats for better stability and longer performance. Full-body sculptures, maintains constant performance and throughout the life of the tire.

    Starting at $170.71

  • BFGoodrich - Commercial T/A Traction LT


    Powerful traction on and off road The rigid tread improves the direction and control in road curves Tire designed for studs, which increase grip on ice and snow Double strip for your comfort

    Starting at $199.92

  • BFGoodrich - All-Terrain T/A KO2

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    Increased traction in mud, sand and gravel Great handling on snow Biting on ice Tread release the compacted mud and snow easily

    Starting at $224.94