Pirelli - Sottozero 3

Pirelli - Sottozero 3



Pirelli - Sottozero 3
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$2,150.08 / 4 tires (taxes included)
Performance winter tire for cars. Designed to provide a very good traction and responsive handling on dry, wet, snowy or icy roads The tread has a directional arrow-shaped pattern that increases the number of cobblestones and high density fins, improves traction and maneuverability on snowy surfaces. The 3D sipes optimizes stability for better traction and maximum braking performance on wet or snowy ground. Equipped with wide grooves to evacuate water more easily and reduce braking distances and the risk of aquaplaning, excellent road holding and better wet performance for safe winter driving.


225/45R19 XL RnF

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  • Brand


  • Model

    Sottozero 3

  • Tire size

    225/45R19 XL RnF

  • Part number


  • Width


  • Aspect ratio


  • Diameter


  • Max. speed

    V = 240 km/h

  • Max. charge

    96 = 1565 lbs.

  • Type


  • Inflation pressure

    50 psi

  • Recommended rim size

    7 | 8.5

  • Depth of the sole

    10 / 32

  • Overall Diameter

    27.00 inches

  • Flank


  • Runflat


  • Studdable


  • Certified winter


  • Extra load


  • Reinforced