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    The Evolution Winter offers stability and confidence when riding in deep snow. The large contact area of the central rib improves stability. Positioning the slats at different angles Improves grip on ice and wet roads. Strategically located nail holes optimize grip on ice.

    Starting at $97.99

  • Cooper - Discoverer True North


    For cars, minivans and SUVs / crossover vehicles The Discoverer True North is ideal for those who commute to work every day on snow-cleared roads and encounter slush and black ice during the winter. Outstanding traction on wet pavement covered with mud Exceptionally quiet Superior grip on snow and ice

    Starting at $118.26


    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    The Discoverer Enduramax is designed with the durability of an off-road tire, but for on-road riding. • Durability on difficult roads • Traction in severe weather • Quiet, smooth ride

    Starting at $148.27

  • Cooper - DISCOVERER AT3

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    Discoverer AT3 tires with adaptive traction technology grip smooth or rocky surfaces in the most extreme weather conditions, hot or cold, dry or wet. • Ideal comfort on the road and durability off-road • Superior grip and handling on wet roads • Average stopping distance reduced by more than 20 feet on snow-covered surfaces

    Starting at $162.95

  • Cooper - Weather-Master WSC


    High quantity of silica in its strip and low modularity improves traction on icy roads, wet or snowy, even at very low temperatures 'Snow Groove' circumferential technology improves adhesion to road Studdable tire Adapted for 132 nails using a 12 rows system to offer superior grip on icy road

    Starting at $192.10

  • Cooper - Discoverer M+S (SUV)


    Designed for SUVs and vans Studdable tire for maximum traction on ice D slat configuration extends the tire life Good evacuation of mud, snow and ice

    Starting at $193.87

  • Cooper - DISCOVERER AT3 LT

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    Discoverer AT3 LT tires with Durable Tread Technology haul heavy loads with less wear and are made to withstand the constant challenge of dirt or gravel roads. • Designed to prevent chipping on rocky and gravelly terrain • Exceptional durability for transport

    Starting at $198.11

  • Cooper - Discoverer A/T3


    With a balanced combination of technology, compounding and design to produce a tire that will perform well in nearly all types of terrains. The tread compound enhances wet traction and reduces rolling resistance, while the aggressive tread design significantly improves off-road traction without sacrificing highway performance Modern, aggressive 5-rib all-terrain design to provide outstanding performance in both on-road and off-road driving applications. Silica based tread compound provides excellent wet traction and handling on the highway, while also improving cut and chip resistance in more harsh rocky and gravel terrain. Dual draft tread element walls aid in reducing stone retention, stone drilling and assist in cut and chip resistance. Lateral groove protectors reduce the chance of stone retention and stone drilling. Broken center rib improves soft surface traction without sacrificing handling.

    Starting at $232.40