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  • Continental - VIKINGCONTACT 7


    Offers improved grip thanks to its compound incorporating canola oil. The intelligent pattern design, a network of grooves provides perfect resistance against hydroplaning or skidding in slush, Interlocking blocks provide optimal handling. The large number of sipes increases traction and braking in snow.

    Starting at $105.49

  • Continental - ContiWinterContact TS800


    The winter tire for compact vehicles. Excellent cornering stability Excellent performance on snow and ice Exceptional protection against hydroplaning Extended honeycombs provide high stiffness for better handling on dry surfaces during low temperatures. Compact design blocks maximize contact between the tire and the road, reducing braking distances on ice and snow. Its aqua-dynamic groove structure is very effective against hydroplaning.

    Starting at $114.31

  • Continental - VanContactWinter


    For minivans, transporters and mobile homes. Shorter braking distances and improved traction on snow High safety in hydroplaning and shorter braking distances on Wet roads Improved rolling resistance The optimized tread pattern ensures better interconnection with snow that automatically results in shorter braking distances. In addition, the tread grooves and shoulder blocks improve the compression of the snow in the grooves. As a result, traction increases in snow. Thanks to the large grooves, the water displacement is optimized, which guarantees a high level of safety in aquaplaning. In addition, the 3D legs support each other leading to greater stability. As a result, braking distances are shortened on wet roads. The new silica compound reduces energy loss and improves rolling resistance.

    Starting at $141.40

  • Continental - VANCONTACT 4SEASON

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    • All-year efficiency due to reduced fuel consumption • High braking performance on wet, muddy and snowy roads • Excellent handling and braking on dry roads

    Starting at $164.65

  • Continental - ContiWinterContact TS830P


    Designed for high performance vehicles Low braking distance on snow Exceptional braking performance on icy and wet roads Optimized for safe driving systems. Good for high mileage

    Starting at $179.83

  • Continental - VancoWinter 2


    For transporters and vans. Optimized braking effect on snow and ice Excellent resistance to hydroplaning and safe handling An ice scrape effect provides exceptional braking performance on winter roads. The tire offers handling characteristics similar to those of a car on snow, wet and dry roads and low temperatures. hanks to the lateral drainage of the water, the tire offers excellent protection against hydroplaning in wet conditions.

    Starting at $191.80

  • Continental - 4x4 WinterContact


    Designed for light trucks and SUVs Slats configuration provides better control in road curves, improved handling and enhanced braking The evacuation of the ce and snow is excellent Low risk of aquaplaning Low noise sound comfort

    Starting at $207.36

  • Continental - ContiWinterContact TS850 P


    Designed for medium range vehicles, luxury cars and SUVs Great traction on snowy road through the S-GRIP profile Optimized handling on the snow thanks to PrecisionPlus system Best handling on dry ground with the technology PowerSipes Low braking distance thanks to the ActiveBand system

    Starting at $209.71

  • Continental - WinterContact SI


    Designed for family vans and multi segments With technology PolarPlus Silane additives enhance grip on slippery roads and reduced braking distance Alignment verification system extends the tire life

    Starting at $214.50

  • Continental - ContiCrossContact Winter


    Excellent traction and braking on snow and ice. For SUVs and off-road vehicles. • Excellent traction and braking performance on snowy and wet roads • High level of protection against hydroplaning • Developed with a special blend, extends the life of the tire. Its design also offers better performance on snow and ice. • The tire lanyard concept gives it stability and promotes direct force distribution. • Tire design allows excellent drainage

    Starting at $242.06

  • Continental - ContiWinterContact TS810 S


    More accurate Handling and sportier performance Directional pattern ribs: more accurate Handling and sportier performance Slats wider on the inside shoulder: Better absorption of snow Traction and handling increased on snow Improved performance on wet roads, better stability and long-life tread

    Starting at $289.63