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  • Yokohama - iceGUARD iG52c


    More stable and stiffer sole and better wet grip Quiet ride Lateral grooves of variable widths, four straight main grooves and a wide center rib contribute to drain the water, slush and snow and maximize road contact for superior grip and better maneuverability. Aggressive unidirectional tire and 3D slices of the tread provide more biting edges, provides a good vehicle control and excellent traction on ice and deep snow. High density composed and flexible polymer offer greater grip on the road and reduced rolling resistance.

    Starting at $100.51

  • Yokohama - iceGUARD iG51v


    Winter tire for SUVs, vans and pickups High performance on ice and snow and excellent driving comfort. Smooth ride, durability and fuel economy Multitude of jagged 3D sipes across zigzag on the sole, lateral grooves with variable widths Midrib continuous lightning bolt. More biting edges to maximize grip on ice and snow, Evacuation of water, slush and snow for better control of the vehicle greater stability and a more powerful braking in difficult conditions. High density composed and flexible polymer provide firmer contact surface

    Starting at $130.10

  • Yokohama - GEOLANDAR A/T G015

    4 seasons

    4 seasons winter approved

    All-terrain tire approved for winter for SUVs, cars and vans Four wide grooves provide excellent water drainage to reduce aquaplaning and get an improved braking on wet surfaces. Large blocks of the sole (metric LT) provide greater stability on the highway and improve handling, while reducing the rolling noise. Stability is also favored by the lug grooves which, together with the lateral grooves with variable angle, help fight slipping when cornering. Adherence improved with 3D sipes. On the other hand, the complete nylon cover promotes the durability of the sole, while the wide profile increase the mileage and improves adhesion. The triple polymer compound of the sole is very effectively and combines silica and orange oil, which increases the mileage and promote adhesion. The sides are also protected against abrasion, and they offer the advantage of better traction off-road.

    Starting at $130.97

  • Yokohama - BLUEARTH WINTER V905


    The BluEarth Winter V905, a tire that uses the most advanced techniques to ensure performance cars and SUVs safe handling in all conditions: rain, snow, ice, slush. The wide oblique grooves and the directional sole allow excellent water drainage to combat hydroplaning. Triple lamellas3D create more biting edges for better behavior on slippery roads. The compound united by silica to orange oil increases stability at high temperatures and flexibility at low temperatures

    Starting at $149.92

  • Yokohama - ICE GUARD G075


    Starting at $152.35

  • Yokohama - GEOLANDAR I/T G072


    Starting at $223.30

  • Yokohama - WY01


    Winter tire for cars Wide grooves for excellent drainage Life prolonged tread Rigid ribs in the shoulder for uniform wear and durability. Grooves are arranged at different angles to get a better evacuation of snow and slush 3D sipes improves stability and grip on ice!

    Starting at $224.47