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Otoprotec rust proofing

  • Yearly exceptionnal treatment
  • Adheres to metal and does not slide
  • Fits for used or new cars
  • Waterproof film which strongly protects your car in any weather (…)
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  • Enhance your visibility in rain and snow
  • Prevent rain, snow and ice to penetrate
  • The droplets slide on the glass and are ejected
  • Facilitates the removal of ice, (…)
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About Autoperfo centre de pneus et mécanique

About utoperfo centre de pneus et mécanique

AUTOPERFO is a family business, the company has been working on tires and mechanics since 1996 in the Laurentians.

AUTOPERFO is an independent merchant, without banners. Without the constraints of banners, we are completely free to recommend the brands and models that we think are the best, regardless of the supplier. If the tire is reliable, well designed and reasonably priced we will put it at your disposal and we will recommend it. We will never hesitate to go against the current. If we think a model is too expensive for its performance or of poor quality, you'll know. Your satisfaction and your safety is our only goal!

You will find in our online shop all brands and models of tires that can meet your needs according to your use and your budget. The new or used tires available that we recommend, are always in order to serve you as if you were our family. We made our reputation on our good advice, which we always offered to our customers, and which made our reputation.

The site now offers you an online tire shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. We offer a wide range of tires in several bands and models for all types of road and all budgets.

Our prices are very competitive, which is why we do not offer the delivery service because it considerably increases the costs and deprives us of the precious direct and human contact with our customers. Be assured that you can pick up your purchases at our shop in St-Jerome or you can also have them installed by our experienced team. AUTOPERFO is open 6 days a week and the installation service works without appointment.